Making Your Mark

The work is almost done. You’ve accumulated a nest egg that will assure the retirement lifestyle you planned for. The golf course beckons, as does that year-long world cruise.  You are happy – or are you?  I like […]

Pay Down Mortgage or Top Up TFSA?

The problem with accumulating more wealth is in deciding what to do with your excess cash. The biggest question has always been: “contribute to investments or pay off the mortgage?” […]

The Relationship Between Health and Wealth

“A man who has his health has a thousand dreams. The man who doesn’t have his health has but one” Author unknown Tweet As many of us know, financial stress […]

The Financial Procrastination Breakthrough

Everybody procrastinates about something You are not alone. We all think that others have it together, but the truth is that we are all financial procrastinators. From years of experience […]

The 6D Tax Planning Approach

I am told that the full version of our Federal Income Tax Act is more than 3,000 pages. I don’t believe it. If you’ve ever tried to look something up […]

Will Someone Please Teach the Kids About Money?

Over the years spent teaching financial planning courses, I could count on two common comments: I should have taken this course years ago. My children should take this course. Although […]

Dollar-Cost Averaging – the Right Thing to Do

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a simple systematic approach to buying investments.  DCA tempers the volatility of your investment portfolio by breaking down large investments into smaller ones over time. […]

The Transformational and Annoying Power of “Why”?

Most of us have forgotten life’s shortest and most transformational question: “Why?” As children we’ve learned important life lessons by asking “why?” almost nonstop until we think we’re smart enough […]

Can failure really lead to financial success?

A necessary feature of any article posted online is the feature image. For this post, I searched using the key words “Failure and Success.” The results were disappointing as most […]

Financial Education in the Workplace

Financial education in the workplace is more important than you may think. The most valuable resource most companies have is their employees. If financial stress reduces productivity, doesn’t it make […]

Financial literacy, the answer to your problems?

Financial problems are the leading cause of personal stress. This affects our physical and mental health, our family relationships and our productivity at work. I could complicate this, but we […]

Shaken or Stirred?

This line has belonged to Sean Connery since first spoken in Ian Fleming’s 1962 production, “Dr. No.” Since that time, many of us have only fantasized about his travels to […]