The Transformational and Annoying Power of “Why”?

Most of us have forgotten life’s shortest and most transformational question: “Why?” As children we’ve learned important life lessons by asking “why?” almost nonstop until we think we’re smart enough (usually when we become teenagers!). Then one day, we stop asking. Perhaps we have become so fatigued at hearing our younger siblings, children or grandchildren […]

Can failure really lead to financial success?

A necessary feature of any article posted online is the feature image. For this post, I searched using the key words “Failure and Success.” The results were disappointing as most of the images showed signposts leading to failure or to success. I doubt that most people willingly take the “Failure” off-ramp! Other images included trite […]

Financial Education in the Workplace

Financial education in the workplace is more important than you may think. The most valuable resource most companies have is their employees. If financial stress reduces productivity, doesn’t it make sense to do something about that? “According to the 2014 Financial Planning Standards Council survey, we know that worries about personal finances are at the […]

Financial literacy, the answer to your problems?

Financial problems are the leading cause of personal stress. This affects our physical and mental health, our family relationships and our productivity at work. I could complicate this, but we all intuitively know it’s true, because of our own experience. Our government has an excellent resource in response to the National Strategy for Financial Literacy […]

Shaken or Stirred?

This line has belonged to Sean Connery since first spoken in Ian Fleming’s 1962 production, “Dr. No.” Since that time, many of us have only fantasized about his travels to exotic places, living life on the edge, playing with cool toys and, because I’m a happily married man, I’ll just stop there! In the twisted […]

Rethink the way you invest

Most people never achieve their financial dreams. Why? In many cases, it’s because they never understand how long-term wealth is created. They assume that investment success depends on picking a hot stock, finding an all-star investment manager, or avoiding market downturns. What we’ve found though is that the harder we try to beat the markets, […]