3 Critical Questions to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Do you know what your financial goals are? Do you understand how much money you make each month, or what your net worth is? If not, then it’s time that you started thinking about financial planning. It’s never too early nor too late to start financial planning in order to achieve financial success. In this […]

How to Build Financial Confidence

Financial Confidence

Financial confidence is the key to achieving your goals. The process to develop financial confidence starts with having a clear idea of what you want from your finances in the future. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create financial goals that work for you and learn about the steps needed to reach […]

Pay Yourself First: The Solution to Saving for Your Future

Pay Yourself First

How often do you set financial goals for yourself? Do you have a financial plan in place to start saving for retirement, or are you waiting until the end of the month to see how much money is left over before deciding what to do with it? If this sounds like you, then your future […]

Why You Should Take the Media With a Grain of Salt

Why you should take the media with a grain of salt

The media can be a powerful tool in shaping our opinions and beliefs. Financial planning and investing are important topics, but the information out there is often contradictory and confusing. It is hard to know what you should believe when it seems like everything has been said about the subject already. Luckily, we are here […]

How to Achieve Your Financial Dreams

Google Maps

Most people work for goals that don’t matter to them. Financial planning is critical to a successful life, yet many people never do it. Financial planning can be confusing and overwhelming at first, but it’s not as difficult as you might think once you follow a process. This post will discuss how to achieve financial […]

Do You Know How All the Pieces of Your Retirement Fit Together?

Puzzle Piece

Growing up, I have fond memories of time spent with my father Richard making trips to Ikea for furniture. Imagine a young, curious boy who was amazed by the shelves in the warehouse full of neatly packaged furniture. That was never where the fun ended. Once we brought our boxes home, there was the joyous […]

The Big Obstacles to Investing in an RRSP

Do You Hate RRSPs? You’re Not Alone. The RRSP is one of the most important tools in your financial plan. However, there are a number of obstacles that prevent many Canadians from using this powerful tool to their advantage. If you have any of these objections, you’re not alone! In this post we break down […]

Protect Your Legacy: Get a Plan

You have worked too hard to have your entire legacy destroyed due to lack of a plan. Without a proper estate plan, your family could end up paying a lot of taxes and fighting over your assets. Estate planning can be overwhelming, but it is an essential step in preserving your financial future and the […]

Insurance to Protect Your Family and Goals if the Worst Happens.

It can be hard to think about the future when so much is happening in the present. But what will happen if life throws a curve ball your way? Personal insurance can help protect yourself and those around you from financial catastrophe. Life insurance ensures that there’s a plan for income replacement, mortgage or rent […]

Canadians are Worrying About Retirement. Here’s What to Do

Retirement is a time when people can finally relax and enjoy their lives. Unfortunately, many Canadians are running out of money in retirement and are worried about the future. It is important that Canadians take steps now to ensure they have the proper retirement plan in place. Planning for your financial future does not need […]

A Comprehensive Financial Plan: You Need One to be On Track

Financial plans are important to reach your goals. The problem is that many Canadians do not have one, or they don’t know if their plan is working for them. A comprehensive financial plan will help you set clear financial goals and develop strategies to achieve these goals. A comprehensive financial plan can be the difference […]

Why financial planning needs to change in 2021

12,000 years ago, our hunter-gatherer ancestors began to think differently. Hunting and gathering was a painstaking and dangerous process that yielded short term results and often left them hungry. They tried their hand at farming and their food supply became relatively more predictable, if they planned ahead. Their efforts also yielded surpluses that they could […]

Who do you trust?

As published in The Richmond News. We are born to trust. Without trust, we would never have learned to walk, talk, take care of ourselves and others nor learned to give our value to the world through the relationships we foster and the careers we pursue. If we have had a good experience of trust […]

Be a Truth Teller

On April 30, 2009, near the bottom of the massive global credit crisis, Chrysler LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to renegotiate its debt and other obligations. The result was that most of its assets were sold to a new company, Chrysler Group LLC. Although several groups cooperated in the reorganization, the leadership for […]

What Gratitude Means to Us

There is a phrase that we use a lot in our family: “We stand on the shoulder of giants.” To us it means that so many people came before us and by their blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices we are here today. This all comes down to the principle of gratitude. The biggest enemy working […]

Don’t Let Your Fear Outweigh Your Faith

We spend our lives either pursuing pleasure or avoiding pain. Obviously, pleasure is a far more desirable outcome than pain but I would like to focus on the acts of pursuit (guided by faith) and avoidance (guided by fear), as they will determine our outcomes. Faith and fear are both necessary and it’s status quo […]

Always Create More Than You Consume

While listening to a podcast by Robin Sharma on “Why So Few Succeed,” one passage profoundly struck me: We live in a civilization of consumers. Buy this, eat this, do this, consume this. But the top 5%, those who play in the rare air of world class are not consumers, they’re creators. Let’s be clear. […]

The Power of Volunteering

A good friend of mine once told me that most people are not born volunteers. However, we are hard wired to help others when asked. I’m asking. The world needs you and you need it. We are all built for community! The United Nations Volunteer site says it well: “People the world over engage in […]

The Mortgage vs. Savings Dilemma

After all the bills are paid, we sometimes find ourselves with a surplus of cash and wondering how best to use it. Your options for available cash fall into three categories: spend it, invest it, or pay down debt. Trying to balance saving as much as possible while still trying to pay down a mortgage […]

Do Nothing With Your Inheritance – for Now.


Occasionally, we may receive a windfall – a large, unexpected sum of money. In most cases, these windfalls come from inheritances, usually from parents or grandparents. The fact is, the money usually comes as a result of hard work and a series of prudent investment choices over time. This gift implies a level of responsibility […]