Your Financial Plan is Useless

So many people create a financial plan only to let it sit on the shelf and never make any progress toward the financial goals that matter to them.

This is frustrating because it may feel like all your hard work has gone to waste. You’ve done nothing to move closer to achieving your financial goals, leaving you in the same place as before. It’s not your fault though, many financial plans can be overly complex and overwhelming.

In this episode of the WealthSmarts Podcast, Richard and Matt dive deeper into the things that prevent many Canadians from making their financial plan useful. They discuss using your financial plan to take actionable steps towards achieving your financial goals. Some of the topics discussed include; avoiding the overwhelm of financial plans, making sure your financial plan actually helps you achieve the goals that matter to you, when to update your financial plan and many others.

Listen to this episode of the WealthSmarts Podcast above!