The Importance of Charitable Giving with John Bromley (Part 1).

Are you looking for ways to make your charitable giving more meaningful?

Giving is connected deeply with our sense of purpose – it’s a natural way for us to start making changes in the world we want to see. Whether through our time, talent, or treasure, there are so many opportunities available to each one of us that can help bring meaning to our generosity.  

In this episode of the WealthSmarts podcast, Richard and Matt are joined by special guest John Bromley, CEO and founder of Charitable Impact. Charitable Impact has facilitated over 1 billion dollars of generosity through their community of donors.  John shares with us how we can use our time, talent, and treasure to create a real impact to the causes that matter to us. There is an important emphasis on helping listeners to make their own charitable impact more meaningful to them.  

Listen to part 1 of our interview with John Bromley wherever you listen to your podcasts.