Peace of Mind When Travelling

Understanding Travel Insurance

When traveling, costs for such things as medical care after a fall or accident can be substantial and can easily wipe out your life savings. Travel insurance provides coverage for the things that can happen to you when you are outside the province, as well as covering the cost of returning home afterwards.

In its most basic form, Travel Insurance is designed to protect travelers from incurring unexpected medical expenses.

Travel Insurance fills the gap in medical coverage where your provincial health plan only covers a fraction of medical expenses outside of Canada, and is also limited while travelling to another province.

Accidents and illness happen, and while we might convince ourselves that we’ll be fine, it’s too much of a gamble to risk facing significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Travel Insurance can also cover other non-medical expenses: trip interruption, trip cancellation, lost luggage, travel accidents, and more.

Types of Travel Insurance coverage

Travel Insurance is flexible to adapt to the needs of any individual:

Multi-trip: suitable for snowbirds and students studying or travelling abroad.

Single trip: for travelling durations usually under 3 months.

Term travel solution: offers coverage based on a yearly basis- ideal for individuals who travel for work.

How can Travel Insurance help you?

  • Providing 24-hour coverage for the entirety of your time spent travelling.
  • Give you the peace of mind that if something should happen, you and your financial stability will be protected.
  • Supplementing other plan that may have insufficient coverage.

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