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If you have dreams, if you want to change your world or have a vision for your retirement, the WealthSmart Dream Navigator planning process might be what you’ve been looking for.

WealthSmart is a team of independent financial advisors serving the metro Vancouver area with over 30 years experience in financial planning, wealth management and risk management. Our unique Dream Navigator is a comprehensive system designed to help you design your financial future with clarity and focus. Call for a free initial consultation 604-241-4357

We all have dreams. They’re an essential part of life. Turning them into reality takes planning and effort. Your personalized WealthSmart Dream Navigator gets you there.


What’s your dream?

We all dream as children, but somewhere along the way to adulthood we forgot. At WealthSmart we want to help you change that. The Dream Navigator is designed to help you:

  • Focus on your dreams.
  • Uncover opportunities you may not have realized and what you need to do.
  • Get clarity over where you are now and where you are headed.
  • Establish a progress plan for how you can realize your dreams.
  • Build the confidence that you are following the right course.
  • Transform and follow every new horizon that appears.

The Dream Navigator is a complete 6-part financial planning system designed to help you achieve your financial goals

Focus Finder
Opportunity Discovery
Clarity Map
Progress Planner
Confidence Builder
Transformation Horizon

What others are saying

I got Richard onboard as my Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager in 2011 because he brings a consistently low-key approach to an industry that is full of fluff and over-promises. He explains why he invests money as he does and it made sense to me albeit totally counter cultural and against my previously ignorant preferences. I think that a team member should bring something new to the table and in Richard we have a steadiness and a patience that I have not had before. I am very pleased by the returns since we invested and they outstrip the returns that I am getting from other locked-in investments with a supposedly higher risk profile.

Rupert Whiting

Business Coach, Richmond

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard’s professional services. He has been my Financial Advisor for the past 15 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and reliable with a “no pressure” personality. As well, Richard always takes the time to listen and evaluate his client’s needs and risk tolerance and to fully explain all proposed investment strategies. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL.

Dave McKinnon

Realtor, Richmond

Richard strives to understand where his clients want to get to and to structure and monitor portfolios and financial plans to get there; he touches base at just the right frequency and explains status and recommended changes in such an easy to understand way.

Donn Chalmers

Consultant, New Westminster

I started with Richard many years ago as a referral when I was looking for life insurance. He came highly recommended by a friend and I soon discovered why. Richard is extremely personable and easy to communicate with. He’s punctual and flexible in regards to meeting arrangements. He’s very knowledgeable about the products he sells as well as his competitors. Most importantly Richard is honest and has your best interest in mind. Since initially dealing with Richard for insurance I’ve also looked to Richard for financial advice and have not been disappointed. I would highly recommend Richard Vetter to anyone looking for financial and insurance services.

Ric Liang

Manager IT Infrastructure, Vancouver

Are you on a clear path toward your dream? If you’re not sure, give us a call to try our Dream Navigator process


The Dream Navigator is your ultimate tool for building financial freedom

Your Dream Navigator™ is a comprehensive financial planning program. It begins with the Focus Finder, a purposeful conversation about your future.

From there you move onto prioritizing your next steps with the Opportunity Discovery, which looks at your short-term vision to find new opportunities to optimize your finances.

The next step is the Clarity Map, a comprehensive financial report that acts as your roadmap to where you want to go. This leads to the Progress Planner which identifies next steps to take by identifying strategies and unique solutions to move you toward your goal.

You receive a regular communication stream, which we call your Confidence Builder, to help you see how you’re moving toward your goals with opportunities to discuss your options. The Transformation Horizon is a regular review process where you can evaluate what may have changed and how you might adapt your plans.

Services to help you reach your goals

Peace of Mind through a variety of independent services


Why dream? Why set these big goals for your financial future? It is, perhaps, a question most of us don’t ask often enough. Yet this simple question stands at the gateway of our ability to achieve the goals we set.

Why do you want what you want? What is it that drives you towards the prosperity and success you envision for yourself and your family? When those question are answered, you are truly empowered to achieve your goals.

Asking the right questions is one reason why the Dream Navigator is so effective at helping you arrive at your destination.

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