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3 Steps to a Worry-Free Estate and a Happy Family

What millions of Canadians don’t know, but could regret if they don’t take action now.

3 Steps to a Worry-Free Estate and a Happy Family

A will is essential for your  loved ones, but it can seem difficult to get started.

Many people do not have a will that reflects how they want to be remembered or how they want to pass down their wealth to their beneficiaries. In BC alone, that means that at least 2,324,000 adults do not have a current will.

Do You Worry About the Following Estate Risks?

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How one simple tool  and ten minutes has helped thousands of purposeful families secure their legacy against the major estate risks.

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What happens when you use a conversational estate planning approach that involves those to whom you plan on eventually leaving your wealth to.

Secret #3

Why an imperfect approach to estate planning is actually better than a “perfect” estate plan and how that results in greater confidence that you will live and pass on a meaningful legacy.

Special Bonuses for Those Who Attend This Webinar:

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Access to The Willing Wisdom Index, your gateway to The Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist.

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Free copy of  “Willing Wisdom – 7 Questions Successful Families Ask” by Thomas William Deans, PhD.

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Confidential Record Organizer that will help you organize your financial affairs so that you can focus on enjoying your life!