The InsureSmart Process

Without a clear plan, it is difficult to protect your goals. InsureSmart is the simple solution you are looking for.

1. Focus

Who and what do you want to protect?

Very few people are alone on their journey. Will your loved ones or business partners suffer financially in event of your death, injury or illness?

We are quick to insure our valuables against fire, theft and damage. How well have you insured the most valuable asset – your ability to earn an income?

2. Clarity

What’s holding you back?

What current resources do you have and where are the shortfalls?

  • The right relationship – we need to have a conversation to see if we are the right advisor for you.
  • The right amount of coverage – our process will walk you through a simple but thorough needs analysis based on your unique goals and circumstances.
  • The right type of coverage – with a professional guide by your side, we will quickly help you find the most suitable insurance design.
  • The right price – we shop the entire insurance market in Canada to find the best and most affordable insurance program for you.
  • The right insurer – We have worked with dozens of insurers and can help you choose the right one for you.

It makes no sense having insurance if it gets in the way of your other financial goals. We help you strike the fine balance between “I can’t afford to be without this” and “I can totally afford this!”

3. Progress

We’re with you – one step at a time.

Insurance companies want to know if they can take a risk on you! We will guide you through a simple process to introduce you in the best possible way! In many cases you won’t even need to give medical evidence.

If you’re like us, being kept in the dark can be a frustrating experience. We will keep you informed of your application’s progress right through to a final decision.

Like all contracts, insurance policies are written by lawyers. Consider us your professional interpreters!