Succession & Estate Planning

Succession planning from WealthSmart

WealthSmart’s Estate Planning process manages your wealth before and after you die. Having an estate plan in place allows you to pursue your dreams with confidence knowing that you and those you love are ready for anything!

You will gain confidence by knowing the following issues are taken care of:

  • Assuring that assets transfer to the right people, in the right amount and at the right time.
  • Assuring that specific wishes are met.
  • Minimizing income tax and probate fees payable.
  • Reducing costs to administer the estate during your life, upon transfer and in the future.
  • Maximizing privacy of your estate.
  • Designating guardians where minor children are involved.
  • Designating executors and trustees to administer your estate before and after death.
  • Setting up trusts and other vehicles to protect assets and assure their proper use over time.
  • Planning for incapacity through powers of attorney and representation agreements.
  • Assuring all appropriate agreements are in place for an efficient transfer to the next generation of a business or to effect and maximize an orderly sale of interests.
  • Assuring liquidity in the estate to cover inequities in distribution and estate costs and taxation.

Succession & Estate Planning can involve many of the other services we provide such as Risk Management, Private Wealth Management, Financial Planning & Retirement Planning.