Investor Discipline

Part 10 of our Back to Basics Series We all want to see our money grow. We all see what the long term growth of wealth looks like over many years and we envision seeing that same picture with our own wealth as it grows into a fortune. Easier said than done. One of the […]

The Magic of Compound Interest

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. Albert Einstein Tweet Part 9 of our Back to Basics Series Albert Einstein basically created a whole new framework for physics and the concepts of space and time, so it’s only natural to […]

Action Steps for Saving Money

Part 8 of our Back to Basics Series We all have goals and we usually need to save money in order to reach them! The biggest obstacles in saving money is our spending or lack of saving habits. By not having structure or a savings plan in place, it’s no wonder that there is usually […]

Financial Media – History or Hysteria?

Part 7 of our Back to Basics Series Turn on the news, read the papers or scroll through your newsfeed. Do you end up feeling confused, fearful, or anxious about the future? Welcome to the distraction economy – “if it bleeds, it leads!” The biggest obstacle to overcome is the financial media, which preys on […]

Held Back by Debt

Part 6 of our Back to Basics Series. Is this you? You want to make progress toward your financial goals, but you find yourself constantly held back by debt. Not only is your consumer debt a problem, but you also have no structure or direction to help overcome your debt. This can be paralyzing and […]

Only Spend the Money You Have

Part 5 of our Back to Basics series. Let’s face it, we all get distracted by the latest and greatest gadget, style, or trend.  Does this following scenario sound familiar? We go to the mall, get pulled into a store, see something we “need,” and without hesitation take it up to the counter and put […]

Cash Flow – Blessing or Curse?

Part 4 of our Back to Basics series. Cash is the root of the financial goals that we set. How’s that for a blinding flash of the obvious! More specifically, cash flow is the blood that brings life to your financial goals. The biggest problem is a lack of clarity regarding your cash flow. You […]

Progress Shift

Part 3 of our Back to Basics series. True story. I was at a conference in Santa Monica with my dad a few years ago and we took the time to visit the testosterone centre of the universe: “Muscle Beach.” While watching one particular muscle-bound man repeatedly banging his forehead into a wooden post, I […]

Dealing With Financial Overwhelm

Part 2 of our Back to Basics series. We have all been frustrated at some point in our lives, often feeling stuck and unable to act or move forward. This is often caused by overwhelm or lack of progress and direction. As a result, you are not moving ahead in your life or on the […]


Part 1 of our Back to Basics series. Have you ever wondered why you were doing something? For example, why are you planning on retiring? Is it because society has told you so or do you have a purpose for retiring? We often plan for financial goals without actually knowing why. This leads us to […]

Back to Basics Introduction

Does this sound familiar? One day you think: “I really need to start planning for “X” financial goal or situation.” All you really want is to reach that goal but you know that you need a plan. So you dive into the infinite spiral of knowledge and information known as Google. Aside from being distracted […]