Understanding “Real Rate of Return.”


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Everyone wants to get a high return on investments, but there is a double-whammy in your way!

Both Taxes and Inflation have a serious impact on your investment returns!

It is frustrating to come to the realization that the money you have diligently saved and invested is not worth as much as you thought.

While taxes are a necessary evil and inflation is a natural bi-product of a thriving economy, it is important to realize that there are many serious consequences if you do not plan ahead.

We all experience having to pay taxes and the effects of inflation through increasing prices on most goods and services that we buy. Having planned for this through our own lives and many of our clients’ financial situations, we know that there is hope.

Use our “Real Rate of Return” Calculator to understand how taxes and inflation impact your investment return. This will help you to understand the overall picture of your investment returns when tax and inflation are accounted for.

You may be uncertain about the impact of taxes and inflation on the growth of your wealth. Our goal is to increase your awareness about the impact of taxes and inflation on investment returns.

If you have any questions or want to learn how to plan to lessen the impact of inflation or taxes in your personal financial plan, feel free to contact us.