Understand the impact of the fees you pay


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Most investors are willing to pay a fair fee for the financial and investment advice they receive in pursuit of their goals and dreams. There comes a point though when the impact of excessive fees outweighs the value received.

An advisor should be aligned with helping to achieve a clients’ dreams, not sabotaging them.

We all know that building wealth and financial planning can be overwhelming. This is why we often work with a team people with experience and education in that area. This process works best when there is alignment of objectives between client and advisor – the focus on your long term dreams. However, there is a line between receiving value and being ripped off.

One of the core mandates of our investment philosophy is the elimination of unnecessary costs, which should instead be directed toward our clients’ financial dreams.

Our Fees and Returns Calculator can help you assess the long-term impact of the fees you pay. Because we value your privacy, we don’t track any of your financial information on any of our calculators. Use it as often as you like.

Once you understand if your financial advisor is acting in your best interests (or not), this will guide you in the decisions you need to make. One way or another, being clear on the value you are receiving from the fees being charged should give you greater confidence in growing your wealth and knowing how well you are being supported along the way. Please contact us if you are interested in our “Value/Fee Audit which shows the value you are receiving and the fees you are paying in return.