Taxes and Investment Income


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We should all strive to maximize our investment income in the most tax-effective way.

The problem is that in a non-registered account, each type of investment income is taxed differently. Capital gains, interest, dividends and rental income all have different tax treatments.

This especially leads to frustration when you could have made a different investment decision had you known the tax implications! Many people follow the “once bitten, twice shy” reaction and rather than learn from the experience, they further procrastinate on important investment decisions. Others simply ignore simple opportunities to save money on their taxes on investment income.

There is nothing we love better than to help make investment portfolios more tax-effective. It’s a major reason why we would recommend scheduling a Portfolio MRI to see how a few simple steps can make your portfolio more tax-effective, as well as improving diversification, lowering fees and accessing a better investment experience.

We have provided our free Taxes and Investment Income Calculator for you to better understand how capital gains, interest, and dividends are taxed.

If you have any questions about our calculator or developing and implementing a more tax efficient portfolio please contact us.

Optimizing the tax efficiency of your investment strategy can make a major difference to your wealth. No one wants to pay unnecessary taxes, especially if there is a better way.