Understand the high cost of waiting to invest.


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We know that a solid investment plan is important in achieving our long term goals. The big problem is in the waiting for perfection. We continue to put off till tomorrow what we know deep down we need to do today because we’re waiting for the perfect solution. The longer we wait, the deeper our discouragement gets.

We cannot get bogged down by our past inability to take action. We are all procrastinators. Procrastinating on your investment plan may actually be a sign that you have identified your focus but may need help in getting started!

Today is the right time to begin. Progress is far more important than perfection. For that reason, it is easier to invest by focusing your energies on constant incremental improvements in your forward progress. We begin by taking the easiest steps first.

Before we begin any investment plan, it is crucial to understand the painful penalty of delaying action any longer. Our “Cost of Waiting” calculator helps you to clearly understand this impact.

Because we value your privacy, we don’t track any of your financial information on any of our calculators. Use it as often as you like. If you figure out an investment scenario that works for you, feel free to click “Print” or “PDF” and send a copy to info@wealthsmart.ca along with any questions you may have in order to get the ball rolling on your own investment plan.

Try our “Cost of Waiting” calculator right now and immediately understand why you don’t want to delay any longer in your investment plan.

When you understand the long term benefits of your early action now, you will be motivated to make further progress on all financial goals that are important to you. You will also understand and want to avoid the horrible consequences of delaying any further.

You may feel that you have missed out on stepping up your investment plan years ago. Don’t get discouraged. Although the best time to plant an oak tree was 50 years ago, the second best time is today. Same thing with your investments!

Once you understand that you can control what you do today, your forward progress will take a huge jump when you simply commit to starting an investment plan that you feel comfortable with and also commit to making regular improvements as you go along.