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Cash Flow Confidence


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Everyone wants to get ahead financially by saving for the important goals in life and by paying down debt. Many others want to get ahead by convincing us we should buy everything they offer!

The result is that we take the bait and open our wallets too often! Our expenses become greater than our income and we risk being consumed by crushing debt. We end up feeling a total loss of control and desperate for a solution.

No one should be burdened by crushing debt and unfulfilled goals, especially when the solution is so simple.

Because we’ve seen and experienced the disappointment of cash flow not supporting our important goals, we don’t want you to feel alone in this. To help you with the first step, we have some encouraging news for you:

Successful cash flow planning is quite simple:

  1. Create a Cash Flow Statement in order to clearly understand your existing income and spending.
  2. Determine the goals that are important to you. For example: Financial independence so that you can choose whether to work or not, post-secondary education for the children or perhaps a second residence or vacation property.
  3. In response, create a Cash Flow Plan that fuels and protects those goals.

Don’t get overwhelmed here – just get started! The first, most important step is something you can do entirely on your own. Using our simple Cash Flow Calculator, prepare an initial cash flow statement. Then, click the “Print” or “PDF” buttons and email us a copy to evaluate. We can then schedule a call to discuss your situation further and determine what next steps you can take to begin getting the results you want.

All progress begins with telling the truth. The moment you complete your cash flow statement, you will have taken a key important step toward developing a financial plan that will secure the achievement of your goals and dreams.

On the other hand, if you continue to run your financial affairs without direction, you are missing out on the most important key to achieving your dreams.

You may feel that your future goals are not as achievable as you’d like and that you are not fully in control of your future.

By simply completing this Cash Flow Calculator, you will be one huge step closer to achieving your dreams while experiencing a tremendous boost in your financial confidence.