Savings Growth Calculator

You invest money with the intent of it growing, right? There are many factors that impact the growth of your investment that you may be unaware of. This can lead to drastic differences in the future of your wealth. These uncertainties are often barriers to acting on our investment plans. Although you may feel overwhelmed […]

Cash Flow Confidence

Everyone wants to get ahead financially by saving for the important goals in life and by paying down debt. Many others want to get ahead by convincing us we should buy everything they offer! The result is that we take the bait and open our wallets too often! Our expenses become greater than our income […]

Understand the high cost of waiting to invest.

Cost of waiting

We know that a solid investment plan is important in achieving our long term goals. The big problem is in the waiting for perfection. We continue to put off till tomorrow what we know deep down we need to do today because we’re waiting for the perfect solution. The longer we wait, the deeper our […]

Understand the corrosive effect of inflation

We all want to be able to support our lifestyles both today and in the future, whether we are still working or when retired. However, there’s a silent enemy working against us. Its name is “Inflation.” Inflation is like dry rot. We know it’s a problem out there but we don’t see it in our […]

Understand the impact of the fees you pay

Investment Fees and Value

Most investors are willing to pay a fair fee for the financial and investment advice they receive in pursuit of their goals and dreams. There comes a point though when the impact of excessive fees outweighs the value received. An advisor should be aligned with helping to achieve a clients’ dreams, not sabotaging them. We […]

Understanding “Real Rate of Return.”

Everyone wants to get a high return on investments, but there is a double-whammy in your way! Both Taxes and Inflation have a serious impact on your investment returns! It is frustrating to come to the realization that the money you have diligently saved and invested is not worth as much as you thought. While […]