Don’t Let Comparison Ruin Your Christmas


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It’s that time of the year! The Christmas Holidays are quickly approaching! We are all looking forward to the precious time celebrating with loved ones!

Despite this joyous time there is one thing that has the potential to spoil everything: comparison. The real danger of comparison is that rather than being grateful for what and who we have by cherishing the moments in the present, we may be longing for something else or to be somewhere else. The tragedy is that in this time of joy and celebration, we may be feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Is that really a good way to spend this Christmas season?

It’s understandable though. We are bombarded with messages and advertising which tell us that what we have is not enough. Understand that, although this message supports the consumption that drives our economy, it does not support our emotional and spiritual well-being. Maybe we need to look at our situation from a different perspective, one that does not focus on what we may be lacking, but what we already have.

Here’s what we all can do to overcome the challenges of comparison:

    • Gratitude for what we have – What are you grateful for?
    • Get off social media – It is difficult to not compare our lives to what we see on social media – especially because we are usually comparing with others’ picturesque and posed moments
    • Realize the uniqueness of your life – We all have different circumstances and challenges.
    • Focus on being with the people you are with – The best present we can give to others is our presence.


I know that this may seem like a critical view of this holiday season, but with the many voices yelling at us about what we are lacking, missing out on, and who we can become if we just “Buy Now,” I find it necessary to say not only that we do have enough, but we all are enough.