Back to Basics Introduction


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Does this sound familiar? One day you think: “I really need to start planning for “X” financial goal or situation.” All you really want is to reach that goal but you know that you need a plan. So you dive into the infinite spiral of knowledge and information known as Google. Aside from being distracted by cat videos and memes on the internet, you find yourself no closer to understanding and getting control over your personal financial situation.

Welcome to overwhelm. You don’t know where to begin amidst all the information. Worse yet, you may be looking at very advanced concepts without first understanding the basics building blocks of personal finance. This is leaving you feeling frustrated, without direction, and lost. It is impossible to progress in this state.

My father, Richard, started in the financial services industry over thirty years ago and I am blessed and grateful now to work very closely in this industry with him and my mother. Along the way, I learned a few things about both business and life. Through my studies and experience in the industry, I became increasingly alarmed that many of these concepts which had become “common financial sense” to me were actually not widely known and practiced. I am using this series as a case study into these insights, with the hope that it is useful to you in making progress.

The first lesson I am going to start with is: “the best time to start learning and taking control of your finances was with the first dollar you earned, but the second best time is now.” We have encountered many who have lamented that they wished that they could have started saving or investing earlier. It is important to not get caught up in the cycle of disappointment hindsight. I love what Nelson Mandela said: “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” Rather than bemoan the past, we must simply ask “what did I learn?”

If you can relate to this, I challenge you to start now. If you don’t know where to begin, why not ask: “What is the simplest step I can take to start taking control of my finances?” Don’t look ahead to the future, as it could be intimidating and overwhelming. All you need to see is what the next step is and take it. Rinse and repeat.

Our free “Back to Basics” series could be a great way to get going. You can sign up for it by providing your name and email below.

We hope that this series helps you to feel empowered to make forward progress, rather than stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

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