So you have a bunch of money that you are planning to invest.

The problem is that you don’t know if you should put it in your TFSA, RRSP, or an investment account. This is leading you to not do anything with this money. Delaying any further could be costing you money! (click here to use our Cost of Waiting Calculator).

You are definitely not alone in wondering what to do. Generally, contributions to your RRSP and TFSA should usually be prioritized over an investment account until you reach the contribution limits. After that, it depends on your tax situation. We have provided our free TFSA vs RRSP Comparison calculator for you to help answer that question.

TFSA vs RRSP Calculator

If you have any questions about our calculator or about your RRSP or TFSA, please contact us.

By using this calculator we hope that you gain the clarity and confidence you need to move forward. Don’t let procrastination delay your progress.

You may have felt unsure about what the proper direction or decision was in moving forward. Hopefully you will get the answers and motivation to take that next step.

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